The most important bee product


Hand by hand
(Form and function in the honey bee - Lesley Goodman)

Definition: The mechanism in higher plants by which mature pollen is transferred from the stamen to the stigma, in order for fertilization of the ovule to take place as well as for sperm cell formation.

Before the appearance of chemical plant protection products, before the predominance of monocropping and agricultural intensification, before residential-touristic development, before the appearance of the parasitic mite Varroa in the Western hemisphere, approximately 50-70 years ago, "wild" pollinators and bees carried on as they had exclusively for more than a million years: Pollination of honey producing plants; therefore the fertilization of 60-70% of plant species. The last phrase alone is reason enough to prove the need to protect the bees.

Since the period between the two World Wars, the almost complete predominance of chemical pesticides as well as the intensification of monocropping have led to the extinction of native insect species populations which had, until then, fertilized most plants.

Bees on work

The attack of bees by Varroa (parasitic mite) in Europe and America led to the complete extinction of those bees living in natural "nests". Without the possibility of human intervention, these hives were lost, along with a large segment of fertilizing activity.

Many studies have indisputably confirmed the opinion that in recent years bees, almost exclusively, carry out the important job of pollination.

Such beauty will be lost, if we don't take action

EinsteinĘs quote "when the bees disappear, humanity will have another four years of life" may be an exaggeration, but does indicate the delicate equilibrium in which our planet exists. It is clear that without bee pollination many plant species will cease to exist, which will in turn affect the fauna, thereby cutting a link in the food chain.

By protecting the honey bee, we are protecting the lives of all the EarthĘs organisms in existence from now on.