Honey and health

More than 180 different substances have been identified in honey, with unique biological interactions, creating a product with amazing properties. Honey cannot be considered a complete nutriment because it contains only small quantities of vitamins and proteins, but in terms of energy, it can be compared to any food.

« Apitherapy , or the science which promotes bee products for therapeutic use, has promoted honey to the place it deserves:
For additional well-documented properties of honey, please see Dr. Sofia GounariĘs article on the website: http://www.melinet.gr/pages/show/4
Honey is not by any means a drug, according to the modern definition of the term. However, it does have therapeutic activity for many illnesses and auxiliary activity for others.

Honey Remedies
Many traditional honey-based folk remedies are still used today. None of these are dangerous, with the exception of possible allergic reactions to particular foods. Please find below some of these traditional remedies.
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