Bee Stings

Bees are "armed" with stingers which protect the "sweet treasure" from the tens of prospective predators looking for the only sweet found in nature. When a honey bee is far from the hive, it is not at all aggressive and will sting only when threatened directly. Bees are more aggressive when near the hive in order to protect their nest. All animals display the same behavior. The bee stinger (in contrast to that of the wasp) has small hook-like projections positioned conversely to the stinger so as to remain in the stung area for greater effectiveness.


Together with the stinger are also detached venom glands, whose "autonomous" movements push the venom through the stinger and into the stung area. Drones do not have stingers.
In most cases, bee or wasp stings induce mild symptoms including pain, swelling and redness, itching or burning. Bee stings can cause anaphylactic shock in 3% of the population. The mechanism of bee sting allergy is not fully understood. Why only 60% of allergic adults and 8% of allergic children experience shock has not been explained. A person can be stung numerous times without unusual symptoms, and then experience allergic shock. Sensitivity can last a short time or years. Others experience anaphylactic shock from bee stings and not from wasp stings, or the opposite.
First aid for a mild allergic reaction:

If any of the symptoms below occur after stinging, go immediately to the nearest hospital, pharmacy, or doctor.

Individuals who are allergic should always carry a special kit for sting treatment and should know how to use it.

When allergic individuals are outdoors, especially in spring, they should not wear any perfume or cologne, and if they come into contact with a bee they should not make abrupt movements. The bee will go away, unless it is caught in the personĘs hair. In this case, quickly compress the area, to smash the bee.

DonĘt try to do what Marios is doing. He has more than 35 years of beekeeping experience.

When riding a motorcycle, itĘs a good idea to be dressed with long sleeves and pants, so as to avoid stinging after colliding with a bee and to provide sun protection. On the moment of collision, the bee responds to the treat by stinging. DonĘt forget that bees are myopic!

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